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There was a rumbling in the bush. I think I saw a shadow

Now beginning to wonder if it is an ambush, But no it was a meadow

A land full of greenery, Flowers and birds keep flying.

And it is a beautiful scenery, The rules of pessimism I am defying

My worries, my despair quickly part away

But I wake up to a stare, That turns it all to grey

The world tells me what is right, and hates me for being me

But no today I will fight, and be myself for everyone to see

The meadow won’t be just a dream, I can make it my own life

This hope and want will overpower my screams, and finally I will thrive

Why let someone define my dreams, why let cynics lead the way ?

Because now I know that in the end, It’s how you lived life that’ll stay

Ah! This meadow opened my eyes, Now I won’t be confined

After giving this test of steel and fire, I am learning to refine

The door was always wide open, It was I who didn’t see 

That life is not just what it is, it is how it should be !

From the website: The Pleasures of Anomaly by Khushi M

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

MARTINA NICOLLS – MartinaNicollsWebsite

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