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The Palace of Versailles, 20 kilometres from Paris has and estate that comprises the Palace, The Grand Trianon, the Petite (Little) Trianon, and the Queen’s Hamlet. Trianon means ‘a small elegant villa’ in French.

King Louis XIV of France commissioned the Estate of Trianon in 1670 as a private retreat from the much larger Palace of Versailles. The Petit Trianon castle was built between 1762-1768 during the reign of King Louis XV. Ange-Jacques Gabriel designed the Petite Trianon for Louis XV’s mistress Madame Pompadour, but she died four years before its completion. Madame du Barry moved in. The next king, Louis XVI, gave the Petit Trianon to Marie-Antoinette. 

Marie-Antoinette commissioned the building of a Hamlet (the Hamlet of the Queen) on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles in 1783 as a private retreat. It includes smaller buildings and areas, such as the mill, the dairy, and vegetable gardens. Marie-Antoinette’s first farmer to run the Farmhouse and Dairy from 14 June 1785 was Valy Bussard from Touraine. 

The gardens were damaged during the French Revolution. The gardens were renovated in the 1990s and the vegetable gardens continue to be maintained.

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

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