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The Necklace Orchid (Coelogyne tomentosa) is a flowering, herbaceous, rhizomatous plant in the Orchidaceae family of orchids.

It is epiphytic because it can grow without soil by attaching itself to the branch of a host plant. 

It is native to Malaysia, Sumatra, and Thailand, growing in humid mountainous forests.

It has drooping inflorescences about 30-50 centimetres (12-20 inches) long with 10-30 flowers.

The creamy-yellow flowers of the Necklace Orchid are about 6 centimetres diameter and 2 centimetres long. The labellum is brown. 

It blooms several times during the year, but more often in summer.

Photographed at the Orchid Exhibition, Paris Botanical Garden, France, March 2022.

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

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