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The Large Campanula (Campanula latifolia) is a flowering, perennial, herbaceous plant in the Campanulaceae family. It is also known as the Giant Bellflower and the Wide-Leaved Bellflower. 

It is native to Europe and western Asia. 

It grows to 60-120 centimetres (24-47 inches) tall.

The stem is unbranched and slightly hairy. 

The Large Campanula has an inflorescence of many bell-shaped flowers which are initially erect then nod downwards. The flowers are 3-6 centimetres (1-3 inches) long. They have five petals in dark violet-blue. 

The fruit is a hairy, nodding capsule. 

It blooms from July to September in the Northern Hemisphere.

Photographed in Paris, France, April 2022.

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

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