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The Delavay’s Tree Peony (Paeonia delavayi) is a flowering, deciduous shrub in the Paeoniaceae family. It is also known as the Yunnan Peony, Dian Peony, and Tree Peony.

It is native to China.

It grows to 25-175 centimetres (10-69 inches) tall. It has a creeping disposition.

It has light-green leaves. The young twigs are light-green tinged with purple. 

The Delavy’s Tree Peony has red-brown nodding flowers with green rounded or triangular-rounded sepals. They have 25-160 stamens with yellow, pale red or dark-red filaments.

It blooms from mid-May to mid-June in the Northern Hemisphere.

Photographed at the Paris Botanical Garden, France, April 2022.

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

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