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The Caucasian Hackberry (Celtis caucasica) is a flowering, perennial, deciduous tree in the Cannabaceae family of nettle trees. It is also known as the Caucasian Nettle Tree.

It is native to the rocky and stony slopes of the Caucasus, Middle Asia, Afghanistan, and Iran.

It grows to 10-15 metres (33-49 feet) tall.

Its leaves are ovate with evenly serrated margins, and hairy underneath. They are about 7 centimetres (3 inches) long.

The fruit is round, yellow, and edible.

The flowers are yellow-green and inconspicuous.

It blossoms from March to May in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Photographed at the National Botanical Garden of Georgia, Tbilisi, June 2022.

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

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