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The Laceleaf Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Dissectum Atropurpureum’) is a flowering deciduous tree in the Sapindaceae family. It is also known as the Threadleaf Japanese Maple.

The Laceleaf Japanese Maple is native to Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea, China, and Mongolia.

It grows to 2 metres (6 feet) tall and 2 metres wide.

The purple, lace-like leaves are 4-12 centimetres (1-5 inches) long and wide, with 5-9 pointed lobes. They turn orange and yellow in autumn.

The flowers have five red or purple petals and five whitish petals. 

The fruit is a pair of winged samaras, about 2-3 centimetres (an inch) long. 

Photographed at the National Botanical Garden of Georgia, Tbilisi, June 2022.

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

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