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The Common Hyacinth – ‘Aida’ (Hyacinthus orientalis) is a flowering, bulbous plant in the Asparagaceae family. It is also known as the Garden Hyacinth or Dutch Hyacinth. 

It is native to Asia, southern and central Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. 

The soft, succulent leaves are 1-3 centimetres (up to an inch) broad and 15-35 centimetres (6-15 inches) long.

The flowering stem is a raceme, growing to 20-35 centimetres (8-15 inches) long. It has 2-50 purple flowers, about 3 centimetres (an inch) long with a tubular, six-lobed perianth. It also has blue, white, pink, pale-yellow, or red flowers.

It has seed capsules holding black grain-like seeds. 

The Common Hyacinth – ‘Aida’ blooms in early spring. 

Photographed in Adelaide, Australia, August 2022.

Photographer: Karin Powell

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