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Pure-grade, ethical, natural, plant-based Essential Oils provide an environmentally-safe solution to repel garden pests in your garden and in your home. Essential Oils are highly concentrated – between 50-70 times more powerful than herbs.

The following 3 simple recipes are especially effective to repel aphids, flies, beetles, spiders, and ants – and their larvae (grubs and caterpillars):

Rosemary Essential Oil – for a woody aroma

Drops: Place 3 drops directly on the rim, edge, or sides of each pot, in or the pot close to the sides, to keep away a range of insects, such as aphids, beetles, caterpillars, and grubs to prevent them from eating the plants. Rosemary Essential Oil also attracts butterflies, which is a pollinator, and a positive addition in the garden.  

Peppermint Essential Oil – for a sweet aroma

Drops: Place 1 to 3 drops directly in cupboards in your home to keep spiders and ants away. 

Natural Insect Spray 

Spray: To a 100 ml spray bottle (preferably glass), add water and 10 drops of each of the following 4 Essential Oils – Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Clove Oil, and Thyme Oil. Shake to mix thoroughly. Spray on plants, table tops, in larders, in cupboards, and anywhere you would like to repel insects and spiders.

Buy doTERRA Essential Oils to repel garden pests through Plant Oils 4 Health HERE.

Contact me for further information on Essential Oils:

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