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The Snow Queen Orchid (Coelogyne cristata) is a flowering, bulbous, epiphytic plant in the Orchidaceae family of orchids. It is also known as the Angel Orchid. Epiphytic orchids grow on host tree trunks.

It is native to the eastern Himalayas and Vietnam.

It grows to 30 centimetres (12 inches) tall. 

It has many short stems with narrow, deep-green leaves 10-15 centimetres (4-6 inches) long. 

The flowers are snow white with a yellow spot on the lip. The petals are about 8 centimetres (3 inches) in diameter. 

The Snow Queen Orchid blooms in spring. It continues to bloom in the melting snow, but it is unlikely to bloom in temperatures above 18C (64F).

Photographed at the Orchid Exhibition, Paris Botanical Garden, France, March 2022.

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

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