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Jacaranda Tree: JULIA S.

In Summer it catches your eye as you stand in the garden.

Green grass is littered with violet flowers attracting bees that hum.

Slipping and sliding on purples mush is like trying to walk on ice.

The trees twists and turns, following the wishes of the Autumn wind.

Twigs fall on the ground with a crackle and snap as you walk your boots over them.

The cold damp hand of Winter grabs the tree making it shiver

You see the tree’s white breath as it exhales. Everything is silent

except for the brush of branches moving against each other.

When mid-Spring comes, green shoots erupt on a warm day.

Birds fill the tree – each make a different noise ;

each sing their own song.

From Red Room Poetry,  

Written by Julia S. from Wenona School, Year 6

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

MARTINA NICOLLS – MartinaNicollsWebsite

Martinasblogs – Publications – Facebook – Paris Website – Animal Website – Flower Website

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