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The Eastern Cape Bread Palm (Encephalartos altensteinii) is a palm-like flowering tree in the Zamiaceae family of cycads. It is also known as the Eastern Cape Giant Cycad, Bread Tree, or the Broodboom. The centre of the stem can be used as a bread-like food. 

It is native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa. 

It grows up to 7 metres (23 feet) tall. 

The leaves are straight or curved backwards, and up to 3 metres (almost 10 feet) in length. There are no prickles at the base of the leaves, like some cycads have.

It usually has 2-5 greenish-yellow poisonous cones up to 50 centimetres (20 inches) long. The seeds are scarlet red, up to 4 centimetres (one inch) long.

Photographed in the Botanical Garden, Adelaide, Australia, circa 1966 – and the author, Martina, in the photo. 

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

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