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Indigenous harnessing of lightning benefits agricultural industries

RainstickTM is an Australian indigenous electrobiology company harnessing the power of lightning to transform the food, agriculture, materials, medical, and research industries. RainstickTM biotech startup combines traditional indigenous knowledge systems and modern electrokinetics for the future of food and an alternative to pesticides, fungicides, and genetic modification. 

Like thunderstorms, electrical influences on growing systems are an untapped and overlooked resource, says the founder of RainstickTM, Darryl Lyons, a Maiawali man. The Maiawali people have been harnessing the power of lightning for tens of thousands of years.

By controlling which electrical signals are given to plants and fungi, RainstickTM technologies can encourage growth and nutrient use. 

In January 2020, the RainstickTM founders reviewed over 120 electroculture research papers spanning over 100 years and discovered significant barriers to scaling up food production. They developed a novel wireless delivery and control system and commenced trials in home garages and cold rooms.  

RainstickTM now works from the James Cook University in Far North Queensland, Australia, in a research lab, and has already achieved excellent results in mushroom production. For example, early results in shiitake mushroom production have shown 18% more and 24% faster growth, with 0% mould.

RainstickTM may also be used for environmental purposes, such as bioremediation to help remove toxins and pollutants from soil and water, making it an effective tool for environmental cleanup. 


Photographer: Martina Nicolls

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