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The Paris Tree Plan

Paris has a Tree Plan – in fact, it has two tree-planting plans: The Biodiversity Plan and the Paris Tree Plan.

In 2021, the City of Paris adopted a Tree Plan that sets out defined commitments to 2026 and perspectives to 2030, and reaffirms the role of trees in the city. One of the measures of the Paris Tree Plan sets the development of a Guide des Essences to adapt to environmental and health issues, the choice of tree species, and the right tree planted in the right place.

More than 63,000 trees have been planted in Paris since 2020, including 25,000 last winter in 2022, a record planting season in the captital.

In 2022, during last autumn and winter, a total of 25,168 trees were planted in Paris. The embankments of the peripherique (the boundary of Paris city) has more than 11,500 trees; the Bois de Vincennes has 4,600, and the Bois de Boulogne has nearly 2,700, with more than 800 new plantations in the streets and schools.

Two hundred different species were planted last winter, inclding edible fruit species (apples, pears, as well as ornamental species). There are also trees without fruit or flowers, but interesting for their colourful foliage.

In accordance with the Tree Plans, Paris is also conducting a comparative study on the dryness resistance of nine tree species. It will provide a better understanding of their behaviour during hot weather and limited water. 

The trees are cared for, or monitored by, almost 250 professionals daily.

To date, the Paris territory now includes about 600,000 trees, of which 500,000 trees are managed by the City of Paris, with more than 800 different tree species.

Photographed in Paris, France

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

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