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The Ugly Flower by Invisible Man

The ugly flower wept, it’s tears did stream down to the sand.
And it wondered why it had been put alone upon the land.
So different from all the rest, ridiculed and lost.
It pondered for the evil deed that carried such a cost.
Immersed in sorrow, so ashamed it hid itself from light,
and hoped for death to ease the pain and end it’s hopeless plight.
Yet still it lingered, with no care for life, or love, or living.
For I, it thought, have nothing worth the taking or the giving.

The other flowers laughed and jeered at such an ugly one.
No yellow petals spread to grasp for soothing rays of sun.
A large, ungainly mass of red, with no redeeming grace.
And petals cupped to hide from view a most unwholesome face.
Then, quite distasteful to the rest, an odor did appear,
Quite nauseating in itself, and harmful they did fear.
So, doubling animosity, they threatened, jeered, and taunted.
And made for that poor ugly flower, a life quite devil haunted.

Then one day a tractor came to till the fertile land.
And screaming loudly, flower by flower did slip beneath the sand.
Foot by foot the tractor crept closer to the flower.
Joyfully the flower did praise the long awaited hour.
The tractor stopped, a man did slip down quietly to stare.
Soon he started digging ‘round the flower with great care.
Transplanting it with gentle hands, a question he did pose.
How, among these dandelion, had there come to be a rose?

Written 10 April 1978 ©

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

MARTINA NICOLLS – MartinaNicollsWebsite

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